The goal of every DELTATEL project is to achieve the highest possible level of customer satisfaction, in terms of business needs as well as at the level of direct human interaction and collaboration between employees.


DELTATEL relies on values that highlight the identity of our company. These values are a system of common principles, shared by our employees at all levels of our organization. Our actions are based on these values, which are also the guidelines for our future development.

Attitude towards the customer

Our success is measured by our clients’ level of satisfaction. Our positive attitude towards customers highlights our inclination towards excellence.

Team spirit

Each and every DELTATEL employee is part of a strong team, determined to achieve the company’s goals which are properly customized for every separate project involving our organization.  

Teamwork is felt throughout our daily activity, communication being the main bridge between our employees.

Sense of responsability

The responsibility of our employees is oriented towards the accomplishment of their individuals goals as well as towards the accomplishment of the common goals of our organization. Every project is gradually outlined, considering our responsibilities towards the customer.