Social Responsibility

Statement on Business Practices

DELTATEL follows, in its relations with clients, suppliers and its own employees, a set of rules on appropriate conduct, referred to as the Statement on Business Practices. This commitment is actually the very basis of all actions taken to implement an ethical climate in the organization, by:

  • Observing the laws in force both in Romania and in other countries where DELTATEL operates;
  • Treating all employees, clients, suppliers and competitors objectively;
  • Avoiding any kind of discrimination;
  • Using the company’s assets and funds for legal and adequate purposes;
  • Supporting and respecting the Human Rights;
  • Protecting the environment, in areas where DELTATEL has a relevant impact;
  • Keeping the confidentiality in the relations between DELTATEL and its employees and clients;
  • Observing the intellectual property rights;

Supporting the local community

The community we live in is important to us. We contribute annually to the implementation of numerous local and regional projects, in various fields, such as:

  • humanitarian projects that help disadvantaged people and communities, supporting education, health and socio-economic integration of those around us.
  • projects that support the development of fine arts and sport, out of our desire to promote the value and spirit of excellence, encouraging, at the same time, the social involvement of all community members. 
  • projects on environmental protection, from sustainable development strategies and internal environmental policies to our employees’ voluntary participation in local and national projects.

We would like to list some of the projects in which we were or are involved and which we fully or partially support:

  • Sponsorships for different organizations, projects and athletes, such as: the Ballet Competition in Varna, climbers (Horia Colibasanu), rally drivers (Mihu Catalin), sports clubs (Alternative, Tivoli, Performance, Hipic), Pet Hope Association, schools and kindergartens, AJVPS Timis, etc.
  • through the United Way Foundation, we are supporting Societatea pentru Părinți și Copii SCOP (Society for Parents and Children SCOP), Timișoara ’89, Little People Association and “Pentru Voi” Organization 
  • Let’s Do It Romania